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A Customized Wedding Planner Sounds Be Ideal For Individuals Having Their Taste.

Entertainment, Sound, Light, DJs, Dhols, And So Forth, With Others In Numerous Choices, Are Take Care Of By Our Group.

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Wedding Planning

Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and the most loved. At Brighters Events, we are focused on helping you create the wedding of your dream.

Destination Wedding

We offer wide range of destinations
to browse call us to find the ideal wedding Venue which you have conceived in your dreams.

Wedding Photography

We partner with you to design and execute a perfect event that makes you sparkle and also impress your associates and colleagues.

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Full Wedding Planning

Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and the most loved. At Brighters Events, we are focused on helping you create the wedding of your dream.


We offer wide range of destinations
to browse call us to find the ideal wedding Venue which you have conceived in your dreams.


We partner with you to design and execute a perfect event that makes you sparkle and also impress your associates and colleagues.

Tent & Lighting

Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and the most loved. At Brighters Events, we are focused on helping you create the wedding of your dream.


We offer wide range of destinations
to browse call us to find the ideal wedding Venue which you have conceived in your dreams.


We partner with you to design and execute a perfect event that makes you sparkle and also impress your associates and colleagues.

How To Choose The Right Wedding Planner In Lucknow

In India, weddings are also a very important celebration. They are marked by much fun, happiness, and laughter. A wedding is not only the union of two couples but also the union of two families. Vidaai and engagement are equally important, and we cannot overlook their significance. Planning a good wedding can be challenging to make sure all the arrangements are made on time. The best wedding planner for you can be found at Brighters Events in Lucknow, so you will not have to worry about the planning process.

A wedding planner offers the following services:

The wedding planner is not just a vendor who takes care of one aspect of your wedding at a time but an artist who paints your perfect day. Wedding planners aim to make dreams come true, create magic, go beyond imagination, and achieve goals every single time! Think about the factors and services they provide and if they meet your needs before booking. To help you decide which wedding consultant to hire, we’ve put together a list of services to check for:

Wedding venue: When choosing a wedding venue in Lucknow to celebrate the best moments of your marriage, you should make sure that it provides all the services you require. Your planner will offer you several options for the services. Make sure you read through these options before booking the venue.

Wedding Decor and theme: A wedding planner in Lucknow focuses on the details that are most important to you, such as beautiful backdrops, lit tables, a photo booth, or an entrance board with text messages from our loved ones. Their creativity and aesthetic sense tend to add a touch of personalization to the decor according to the client’s needs.

Wedding Photography: You should ensure that the wedding photographer you book in Lucknow can provide you with all the services you need before booking any wedding photographer. Each individual has their taste and style when taking pictures; some keep it natural and naturalistic, while some prefer posed photoshoots.

Wedding planning: If you plan your wedding, why not include the moments you have lived together before and during the big day? They can make it happen by capturing your special moments at special places and converting them into a video for you to relive them all over again.

Wedding catering: Isn’t good food what makes us all attend weddings? There’s no doubt that guests look forward to it when attending weddings. A wedding is a hit when the food is delicious, even if you miss a few details. Make sure you select the caterer for your event based on your style and budget and not settle for less.

Events manager – Various types of events are organized based on the scale of the wedding, such as dance performances, the bride and groom’s entrance, stage decor and proceedings. All of these aspects are handled by the event manager. Due to the importance of these minimal details, the wedding planner either arranges them themselves or hires a professional to do the job properly.

Setup of Mehendi: Mehendi is a prominent component of the Indian wedding ceremony. We paint our hands with pretty henna with its cultural significance. We usually devote the whole day to it. Your wedding planner will find you the perfect Mehendi team to set up your entire family with beautiful henna and plan the ideal decor to match the theme of the Mehendi event.

Other services: You should always discuss any additional services you’re looking for with your planner or if you want something done specifically for your special day. It doesn’t matter if you wish the party set up for your cocktail party or room d├ęcor for your first night after the wedding. If you talk it through, they will make it happen.

When hiring a wedding planner, keep these things in mind.

Making sure you read over the details before you finalize a wedding planner will help you transform your dream into reality. With their exceptionally creative, highly energetic and passionate staff, they can create the most attractive decor with a traditional flair at your wedding. And they will be sure that everything goes according to plan. Bright Events has written a shortlist of things you should consider before choosing a wedding planner:

Working style: Each of us has our expectations and plans to make our wedding spree a certain way. Every planner has a unique way of setting up the wedding, so your requirements must sync with their services. So before making up your mind to book one, do explore plenty of options to check out all possibilities because this day isn’t coming back again.

Availability: Once you have decided on the wedding date, the planner quest begins. After lurking through plenty of options, you shortlist the wedding planner as per your requirement. Still, It is really important to book them as early as possible because good ones get booked well in advance.

Budget: There are many wedding planner teams for different budget ranges. You can easily filter on Brighters Events from different budget ranges and choose the best one that fits well for your pocket. Keep aside a decent budget for your wedding planner and never compromise on the same.

Experience: Experience talks tons about their work but at times, a beginner aces at his job more than an experienced vendor. So always make sure that you check the vendor’s previous work to get a sense of the space, decor, and other facilities. Brighters Events has a huge gallery of photos and different albums on each vendor profile. You can go through various albums of any vendor and then decide the same.

Mehendi Setup: As a part of the wedding spree in our Indian culture, Mehendi is an important part of it. We tend to spend the whole day painting our hands with pretty henna having its cultural significance. Wedding planners will find you a perfect Mehendi artist team to get you and your complete family all set up with beautiful henna and plan the ideal decor to sync in with the vibe of this Mehendi event.

Other services: If there are any particular details that you’re looking for for your special day or want certain services to be done specially, always have a conversation with your planner regarding such little information. Be it the cocktail party setup or if you’re going to get your room decor done for your first night after a wedding, if you talk it through, they get it done.

Things to keep in mind when booking your wedding planner

Planners turn your vision into reality, your dream wedding picture to action, so make sure you dig it through before finalizing one for your special day. They have a staff of extraordinarily creative, highly energetic and passionate professionals who can create the most attractive decor at your wedding with a traditional outlook and make sure that it is executed just as perfectly as planned. Before you make up your mind about a wedding planner, there’re a few things that Brighters Events has jotted down to solve your problem:

Working style: All of us have our plans and expectations regarding our wedding spree to be a certain way. Every wedding planner has a different way of setting up a wedding, so your requirements must align with what they do. Consider all your options before booking one, because this day will not come around again anytime soon.

Availability: The planning process begins once you have decided on your wedding date. After browsing hundreds of options, you shortlist the wedding planner that best suits your needs, but make sure you book them in advance because good wedding planners get booked way in advance.

Budget: Many wedding planners offer different plans to suit various budgets. There are other budget ranges on Brighters Events that you can filter on to choose the best one for your needs. Don’t compromise on your wedding planner’s budget, and always keep it aside.

Experience: Experts talk a lot about their work, but sometimes a beginner aces his job better than an expert. Always check the examples of the vendor’s previous work to get a sense of the style and aesthetic of the space. Brighter Events offers a huge collection of images and albums on the Gallery page to browse various albums and then decide based on those.

Policies :You should make sure that you know every vendor’s policy regarding the Space, DJ, Alcohol, Catering, and other factors associated with the wedding before making any final decisions. In addition, different vendors have different policies regarding payments and cancellations. Usually, they require part payment in advance, so make sure you inquire about their backup plans in an emergency. Here are a few things to consider before choosing a wedding planner:

Venue Policy: To organize wedding functions, different wedding planners work with different venues, such as banquets, tents, and other spaces. Ask the vendor about the areas they offer. Various setups can be used to plan different types of functions, including indoor and outdoor designs, terrace garden seating, etc. You should ensure that the vendor you choose provides the kind of space you need. For an engagement party, an outdoor or indoor banquet hall or a tent with a capacity of 500 seatings and 750 on floating is perfect for all ceremonies, an indoor arena with a total of 100 seatings and 120 on floating is ideal for your bachelorette party, and an indoor hall with 60-80 guests is good for pre-wedding rituals and Haldi ceremonies.

Decor Policy: Next, after the space requirement has been resolved, it is important to ensure that the theme and decor of the venue are in sync with the theme of the wedding. To have your vision implemented and turn it into reality, ask the planner if they have an in-house decor team or if they’ll pitch to outdoor vendors. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor vendor, make sure their vision of how the wedding would look matches your own.

Catering: A good meal is undoubtedly one that guests look forward to. You would still have a successful wedding even if you lack any other areas, but the food is amazing. You can choose one of the vendors with their in-house caterer’s teams to provide you with the best delicacies to enrich your experience or choose your caterer for your function based on your taste and budget.

DJ : Make sure the planner has a DJ for all the functions you’re planning, such as cocktail parties, engagement parties and weddings. Remember to check the availability of the DJ beforehand since the ones setting the market afire are already booked. We would not want our guests to have anything but the best time. Some vendors have their DJs, while others hire one.

Outside Alcohol : If you intend to have alcohol for your function or event, make sure that you let your event coordinator know about your requirements well in advance so that they can check the venue’s policies.

Payment Policy :Each wedding planner has different terms and conditions and payment policies. Generally, they charge a percentage of the wedding’s total cost or offer a fixed fee, out of which a certain amount must be paid in advance. Make sure to discuss the options with your budget in mind.

The do’s and don’ts of hiring a wedding planner


In terms of the wedding criteria, be aware of the different services and styles available in the market. Detailed information can be provided if there is anything specific you are looking for. This is an important criterion to use when shortlisting potential Lucknow wedding planners.

Discussion regarding services provided:

  1. Please speak with the team to better understand your wedding plans and ensure their services match your expectations.
  2. Take the time to understand their philosophy and aesthetic and see if it’s for you.
  3. Feel free to send us all your questions regarding decor, theme, catering, DJ, etc. and whether you want to book them for an in-house or a destination wedding.

Negotiating prices: Compare the prices of various vendors to understand the market scenario relevant to your requirement and narrow it down to three vendors for your wedding planning in Lucknow. Choose the company that best suits your needs within your budget.

Delivery time: As part of the wedding planning process, you can discuss the length of time it takes to set up things like the catering, decor and Mehendi team and whether they have this in-house or plan to outsource it.

Team: Prepare your team for all the preparations for your wedding functions and determine the spare capacity required if any of the members are unavailable on the wedding day.

Reference: Every vendor offers a unique planning style, so be sure to find out if it matches your vibe and if that’s what you’re looking for. Talk to them about every detail and tell them what you are looking for and what you would prefer not to have at your wedding.


Avoid hiring family members or friends: Hiring a family member or friend can go south quickly. Suppose you hire someone who is not an experienced professional with a lot of experience in the wedding industry. In that case, you might ruin your wedding and relationship, which you don’t want on your big day. You can choose from a gallery of the best-rated wedding organizers in Lucknow by searching through Brighters Events.

Booking a vendor without first reading their reviews or feedback is not good. Read the reviews and feedback for the vendor you plan to hire for your wedding. Traditional Wedding photography and planning just do not cut it anymore, so look at a photographer’s website and portfolio, and read comments left by real couples.

It is best to make the bookings well in advance rather than waiting for the last minute or booking any vendor in a hurry. The amazing organizers in Lucknow tend to get booked up fast, so book them quickly.